30 Makeup Tips to Look Beautiful

Makeup Tips

How do you apply makeup to bring out your true beauty. The following makeup tips let you make the most of the features you were born with, through the clever application of makeup.

These tips cover makeup application, selection and care and everything you need to know about makeup.

Makeup Tip #1

When you apply eye shadow, blend, blend, blend so that the colors melt into one another for a more natural look.

Makeup Tip #2

To get an all over glow with blusher or bronzer, use a large makeup brush to apply blush over forehead, tip of nose, chin as well as cheeks so your skin has a healthy, natural looking flush.

Makeup Tip #3

Keep you kohl in the fridge for a few hours before sharpening it. It hardens the lead so that you can sharpen it easily to give you a finer line when you use it.

Makeup Tip #4

Get yourself a decent set of makeup brushes and no, the ones that come for free in the compact will not do. Long handled brushes are easier to use and give you a more professional finish than the brushes that come free with your makeup. You can use the tiny brushes when you are on the go but at home, when you put on your face before facing the world, do yourself a favour and use proper tools.

Makeup Tip #5

Apply lipstick with a lip brush. Less wastage that way and the result is more natural and not too thick.

Makeup Tip #6

Line lips with a nude lip pencil so that when the lipstick fades away, you are not left with an unsightly line around your lips.

Makeup Tip #7

When you use nail polish, keep a cotton bud and nail polish remover handy to erase any mistakes, so that the end result looks pro.

Makeup Tip #8

Wear only the colors that flatter you. Don't bother with colors that make you look garish or do nothing for you. Makeup is about looking your best.

Makeup Tip #9

Make lips look fuller by dabbing on a shimmery color at the center of the lower lip.

Makeup Tip #10

Did your favorite lipstick melt if out Scrape it out and put it in a tiny jar. That way, you can still apply your makeup with a lip brush and carry it around easily.

Makeup Tip #11

Neutralize panda eyes with a yellow-based concealer.

Makeup Tip #12

Neutralize red patches with a green concealer.

Makeup Tip #13

If you wear foundation, pick one that suits your skin type as well as which blends in with your skin color.

Makeup Tip #14

For a no-makeup, naturally pretty look, try a clear lip glass and a mascara or brown eye pencil.

Makeup Tip #15

Apply eye shadow trios by using the medium shade over the entire eyelid, the darkest shade in the crease of the eyelid and the lightest shade on the brow bone and center of eyelid.

Makeup Tip #16

If you go for strong, smoky eyes, go easy on the lips. If you want a strong, bold mouth, go easy on the eyes. Highlight a feature at a time. Too strong makeup on both eyes and lips at the same time looks garish on most women.

Makeup Tip #17

To look fresher, apply mascara on top lashes only. Avoid the lower lashes as that would emphasize shadows around the eyes.

Makeup Tip #18

To make skin look flawless, use a serum to moisturize your face. Let you skin absorb the moisture completely. Then apply your compact makeup with a brush.

Makeup Tip #19

Play with textures for a prettier, lighter look. If you use a matte foundation, wear a shimmery blush. Matte on matte looks overdone.

Makeup Tip #20

If you want your lip color to last through a romantic summer date, line and color your lips with a lip pencil in the color of your lipstick. Then apply a long lasting lipstick with a lip brush. Blot off the excess and reapply the lipstick. That would help your lip color stay put.

Makeup Tip #21

Wash your makeup brushes with a mild shampoo and warm water. Then squeeze off the excess water from the hairs gently with a dry towel and lay the brushes out on a clean towel to dry completely before you keep them back in your makeup pouch.

Makeup Tip #22

Wash your makeup brushes weekly or even daily to get rid of accumulated dirt, grime and bacteria the brushes would inevitably pick up from your skin and from the environment.

Makeup Tip #23

Get 3 shades of lipstick in your color family and one lip brush. Get one light shade, one medium shade and one deep or bright shade. With these 3 lipsticks you can have a mind-boggling array of lip colors. You can use each lipstick on its own, or mix the colors for a brand new shade that also looks great on you.

Use the lip brush to pick up color from 2 or 3 of the lipsticks and mix the colors on the back of your clean, dry hand. When you are happy with the resulting shade, use your hand as an artist palette and paint that color onto your lips.

Makeup Tip #24

Don't try to darken your skin with foundation. You would end up looking orange or weird. Makeup foundation should match your skin exactly. Mix 2 colors to get the right shade if you must.

Makeup Tip #25

If your eyes are brown, wear purple or amethyst eyeshadow to bring out the beauty in your eyes.

Makeup Tip #26

Panda eyes from smudged eye makeup often happens to oily skin, so put on face powder over the eye area to absorb the excess oil before you put on your eye makeup, to avoid smudging your eye makeup.

Makeup Tip #27

Powder your skin first to set your makeup before applying blusher to avoid streaky blush.

Makeup Tip #28

When you are tanned, you are very tan. When you are pale, you are like snow white. So what foundation color should you use Both, actually. Get both your tan foundation and pale foundation and as you skin darkens or lightens, mix the colors (on the back of a clean hand or on the inside of your wrist) to get your exact shade at any point of time.

Makeup Tip #29

It is even harder to get concealer that matches your skin tone. Conventional wisdom says to get the foundation lighter than your skin tone, but if you want a natural look, you'd want your concealer to disappear into your skin. For that, you'd need foundation to match your skin exactly. Mix 2 concealers in shades closest to your skin tone, one slightly darker than your skin, one slightly lighter, to get your exact skin color and use that new shade to conceal your blemishes.

Makeup Tip #30

Do you look like a clown when you apply blusher? Switch to a cream blush. Apply the cream blush on your skin. Then add a touch of foundation on your blush and blend that in, so that the color seems to radiate from within.

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