Best Anti Aging Vitamins and Supplements for Younger Looking Skin

Best Anti Aging Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins are essential to keep ourselves healthy. To ensure that you remain in a healthy state, it is essential to include certain vitamins in your regular diet. Supplements play a major role in keeping you young. Consumption of supplements will help you retain your vigor. They work to enhance the functioning of your body while improving your complexion.
Anti aging vitamins ensure that you overcome the problem of premature aging. As we age, we suffer from increased inflammation that may lead to heart disease and mobility impairments. During the process of aging, certain hormones increase in our body while others decrease and this leads to various health problems. Apart from preventing these health issues, intake of anti aging vitamins also prevent skin aging. The following vitamins and supplements have shown to help improve skin health.

Best Anti Aging Vitamins: Vitamin A

Vitamin A is necessary for ageless skin. One of the most talked about vitamins, and one that is used in many different topical types of anti-wrinkle creams is vitamin A. Vitamin A in the form of Retinol is a chief ingredient in most over-the-counter lotions, night creams and prescriptions products.

What vitamin A basically does is it increases our skin cell turnover rate. This anti aging vitamin stimulates our collagen production, elastin production, and the production of other important connective tissue that makes up the skin. Not only does vitamin A help our skin rebuild its tissue, it also helps to protect our skin against environmental damages.

In many cases such as unbalanced diet or certain diseases, loss of Vitamin A can occur. If you don't get enough vitamin A, you're likely to see some skin-related symptoms, including a dry, flaky complexion. Vitamin A can be found naturally in vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach etc. Egg yolk, fish-liver oil, milk, cheese and butter are also good natural sources for the vitamin.

Vitamin A is required by human body only in minute amounts, its excess may cause headaches and skin rashes. Supplements can serve as an artificial alternative for Vitamin A. The supplement contains the right amount of vitamin A to satisfy your daily needs.

Best Anti Aging Vitamins: Vitamin C

Perhaps this is one of the best anti aging vitamins and supplements, and would not only give you beautiful skin but also a strong immune system. Vitamins C is one of the most powerful and best antioxidants that helps to stimulate the formation of collagen, the substance that gives skin its firmness & elasticity. It plays an important role in keeping the skin youthful, as it combat free radicals associated with premature skin aging, fighting wrinkle formation before they begin.

Vitamin C is known to reduce wrinkles and help skin stay softer for a longer time.It protects your skin against sun damage by inhibiting the action of free radicals. Vitamin C also fades brown spots and evens out the skin tone and texture. An antioxidant itself, it helps in the synthesis of other antioxidants. A vitamin C supplement gives an anti aging boost to your daily skin care beauty regimen. Its antioxidant strength fights and blocks the action of free radical attack and prevents future signs of aging, renews elasticity and firmness, and diminishes the appearance of aging skin.

L-ascorbic acid is the 'natural' form of the C vitamin. Good quality topical C products contain stable L-ascorbic acid at a low pH, which allows vitamin C to be absorbed by the skin.

Now there are many studies that show that vitamin C can also make the skin looking younger and become more rejuvenated. How it does this is by working on the oxidation of your skin. Vitamin C is found in abundance in citrus, antioxidant fruits, such as oranges, kiwifruit, papaya, grapefruit, and lemons, and in vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and green leafy vegetables such as spinach. But people who don't prefer eating these foods may take vitamin C chewable tablets for their daily supplement of this vitamin.

Best Anti Aging Vitamins: Vitamin E

Vitamin E is one of the most popular among the best anti aging vitamins and supplements, and has been known to keep skin smooth and soft. This vitamin can help prevent free radicals which are always present in our bodies and our results of oxygenation. Skin damage is caused by too much exposure to the sun and other elements that introduce free radicals into the body.

Vitamins in skin care like vitamin E can be very effective in preventing skin damage due to exposure to the elements. Many new products are being used with vitamin E to help reduce the aging process. This vitamin is in a capsule form that needs to be broken down to be able to apply the liquid inside all over the face. It is best done before bedtime because in bedtime our skin repairs all the damage cells of the skin so applying vitamin E at night makes things a lot easier.

Best Anti Aging Vitamins: B vitamins
B vitamins help to maintain healthy skin tone. Vitamin B3 and Vitamin B6 in particular help to delay the aging process. Vitamin B3 is largely responsible in converting calories into useful energy, while Vitamin B6 improves memory and rejuvenates the cells. Niacin, one of the B vitamins (specifically B-3), has a number of anti-aging qualities. One noticeable way it helps you is by improving your skin's capability to retain moisture -- a capability that lessens as time goes on.

Moist skin not only looks healthier, it actually helps you remain healthier by providing a formidable, unbroken barrier against viruses, bacteria and other antigens. In addition to restoring moisture to your epidermis, niacin also acts like an exfoliant, assisting your epidermis in sloughing off dead cells as newer cells move toward the surface. Dry epidermis may also be a consequence of niacin insufficiency.

Chicken, fish, pork, liver, eggs, spinach, potatoes, bananas, whole wheat bread, peanut butter are just few of the foods that contain ample amounts of B vitamins. To help your body absorb this vitamin, it is necessary to have a fair share of calcium. You can include milk, byproducts of milk, eggs and meat in your diet to get it.
Best Anti Aging Vitamins: Vitamin K

As you grow older, dark circles may begin appearing below your eyes. While they make you look tired or older than you are, these dark circles are caused by a number of factors, not just age or lack of sleep. Heredity, hormones and allergies might also be the trigger (and your doctor can help you determine which).

Vitamin K assists with one typical cause: the leaking of capillaries around the eyes, which results in the pooling and clotting of blood. Researchers believe that vitamin K aids in the constriction of capillaries, breaking up the tiny blood clots that form the circles. Vitamin K likely will not be a cure-all for under-eye circles, but getting your fair share of this vitamin ought to be part of your treatment plan.

Your entire body produces little amounts of vitamin K on its own, but you are able to use more than your body can provide. Vitamin K could be consumed as a supplement, as component of a multi-vitamin, in the form of topical creams or (ideally) through your diet. Kale, lettuce, spinach and broccoli are all excellent sources of vitamin K, as are non-hydrogenated vegetable oils.

As we grow older, our bones start to lose structural strength, because of decreased amounts of ossification (an ongoing process via which bone replaces itself). Vitamin K has been shown to help aging seniors maintain bone strength.

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