Uneven Skin Tone: 5 Best Makeup Products to Even out Skin Tone on Face

Uneven Skin Tone

As all of you know very well, one cannot have a flawless skin without having an even skin tone. How to even out skin tone on face? There are many makeup products that promise us healthy and even skin tone.

While eating healthy foods and taking care of one’s skin is vital, there are very few persons who can claim to have a flawless skin and hence to cover up these flawless one has to take the help of certain cosmetic products to achieve an even skin tone.

We shall try to cover as much as possible about these basic even skin tone products which are necessary to cover up the minor blemishes on the skin and give one a look that even the models would envy. A skin that has been properly toned should look natural and should appear to be free of any makeup.

Best Makeup Products to Even out Skin Tone on Face

Best Makeup Product for Uneven Skin Tone on Face: Primers & Foundations

Now that this stage has been completed one has to apply the proper foundation on their face. Foundation is the makeup used to cover your whole face to even out your entire skin tone. There are many varieties of foundations available and one has to choose one which is best suited for their skin, which means not just the tone, but also the type. If you need a quick solution, especially when you are outdoors and need one for just touching up a spot or two, there are the stick foundations. One should blend these foundations after applying them.

One should remember to select a foundation with a SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 15. There are basically two types of foundations, the liquid ones and the powder ones. For oily skin one should use a powder foundation whereas for a dry skin a liquid foundation works better. Before applying a foundation one should apply primer which covers up the small pores of the skin, thereby leaving a smooth surface for applying the foundation.

Best Makeup Products to Even out Skin Tone: Concealers

Even after applying the foundation, it has been seen that there are few regions, especially under the eyes, that are not covered totally. Concealers go a long way in covering up these regions. There are quite a number of concealers available in the market to even skin tone and they are available in different shades. Select the brand and shade which suits your skin tone. Some concealers with yellow undertones are best suited for covering up the redness below the eyes.

There are some special concealers available which are specially formulated just to cover up veins, pimples, cuts & sores. Then again there are special types of concealers which are made just for covering up pimples. A special range of concealers, known popularly as illuminators are the favorite of make-up artists. They make one’s skin look up to 10 times better than the original. To cover up the dark regions below the eyes it is recommended to use yellow or peach-toned concealers.

Best Makeup Product for Uneven Skin Tone: Eyelid Base

By the end of a hard day one finds that all the eye shadow that has been applied has slided into the crease of the eyelids leaving the person with a ghoulish effect. It looks as if the person had purposely applied the eye shadow into the middle of the lid. To avoid such things from happening, one is recommended to use an eyelid base. These products are formulated to stay on your eyelids for ages and they come in a wide range of colors to suit your mood. Quite a number of them are available in pearly textures too.

Best Makeup Product to Even out Skin Tone: Bronzers & Blushes

Bronzers are one thing that is a must for any beauty kit to even out skin tone. These help brighten your uneven skin tone on face and makes them look cheery. It is recommended that bronzers be applied on the regions of your face which are highlighted by sunshine. Hence the best places to apply this product are the nose, cheeks, foreheads and the chin. These should be applied lightly on the above mentioned spots to fix uneven skin tone. Selecting the shade of the bronzer for uneven skin tone is most important and one should go in for tones that are one to two shades deeper than their skin.

The weather also determines the tone of the bronzer. In summer when one’s skin is darker, a lighter shade of bronzer will be more effective. While selecting a blush one should go in for a color that appears natural for their skin tone. If you have just finished jogging and are flushed, look at the color on your cheeks. That is the exact color you should choose for the blush. If your skin already has natural and God-gifted tones, then you do not require a blush.

Best Makeup Products for Uneven Skin Tone On Face: Powder

The last item that one applies on their skin to get rid of uneven skin tone and skin discoloration is the most important too. To even out skin tone, select a face powder that has a smooth texture and appears translucent once applied. A good powder should allow itself to control oil if applied below the foundation and also be able to set the foundation if applied over it.

Apply Exfoliation Agents to Get Rid of Uneven Skin Tone

The first and primary step to achieve even skin tone is to ensure that one’s skin is exfoliated regularly to remove the dead skin that accumulates over a period of time. This is extremely important because these dead skins makes ones facial skin appear dull and may lead to uneven skin tone on face. Exfoliation can be achieved with treatments like chemical peels and vitamin A products.

The purpose of these chemical peels is to remove the dead upper layers of the skin and to lighten skin. The success of these skin lightening peels depends upon their concentration and the amount of time they are left applied. All these peels are formulated with acids. For oily skin it is recommended to use peels that are made up of either salicylic or glycolic acid. If however, you want a peel that penetrates deep into your skin, you should go in for peels made up of trichloroacetic acid. These peels are quite costly but do their work fast. If one does not want to spend so much money on how to even skin tone, there are several other skin lightening peels available in the market, which are quite cheap. However they need at least a month to produce results.

Another important item for uneven skin tone is vitamin-A which works far more than any other product to remove the wrinkles on one’s skin. One can get the same over the counter, but it is recommended that one consults their dermatologist and get a specific product prescribed. Remember, your skin should be protected from the sun when using such skin care products for uneven skin tone on face.

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