7 Attractive Eye Shadow Makeups

Eye Shadow Makeups

Eye makeup is one of the most important parts for the whole makeup look. Different eye makeup changes your makeup look instantly.

Icy Look

This look is very icy and it definitely gives you a cool feel. The whole look is natural, nude and clean except the eye. To match with the silvery blue hair, similar color of eye shadow is used.

Eye shadow has been applied above eyebrow to match with the extended eyeliner to form a horizontal water drop shape. Remember to include your inner eye corner into your horizontal water drop shape. Eyeline is drawn thinner at the inner eye corner and thicker at the outer eye corner. For this look, lower lash line must be drawn.

Wearing color contact lenses can exaggerate the look a bit more for party!

Sweet Floral Look

Pink is the theme color of this sweet look. For a sweet feel, you do not need heavy dark color eye makeup. A clean face with light pink rouge gives the feel of early spring. The key for this look is the pink lower lash line. The dark pink lip color adds color and freshness to the whole look. As the eye makeup and face makeup is light, if the lip makeup is also light, the whole look will be pale.

Enticing Floral Look

This look is a good combination of red and green to give the floral look. Green eye shadow has been used for the whole eye lid. Green is more suitable for lighter skin complexion. Therefore, you can see the model is wearing the lighter color foundation. As the eye shadow color is very strong. You have to give darker color to your eyebrow.

Enticing and Bewitched Look

Eye makeup is the focus of this look. Peach and shinny eye shadow and the extended eyeline make the makeup attractive. The heavy makeup on eyes contrasts with the light face makeup. Light lip color gives people the gentle feel out of the enticing look. Peach and shinny eye shadow gives you an enticing and bewitched feeling.

Spring Look

Purple and green are the common colors for spring makeup. Using purple color for the eye shadow and green color to draw the lower lash line establish a perfect spring look. Though the purple eye shadow, green lower lash line and pink lips and rouge are quite colorful, they are mixed to give you a gentle feel.

Fresh Stylish Look

Apple green eye shadow gives you the fresh and stylish look. To be modern, you do not need to draw the full lower lash line. You just draw half of it. Same as the spring look. To use green eye shadow, your skin complexion must be lighter. To be more stylish instead of famine, instead of the red lip color, you use a light one.

Drama Look

There is no special feature for this look except the eyelines. Draw a normal eyeline. Draw another long eyeline above. To be modern, half lower lash line is adequate. See you do not combine the lower and upper eye lines in this look to establish the layers feeling.

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